TAG Environmental Sustainability

TAG Environmental Sustainability supports projects and initiatives related to delivering cloud-native applications, including building, packaging, deploying, managing, and operating them.
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TAG Environmental Sustainability

This Technical Advisory Group’s goal is to advocate for, develop, support, and help evaluate environmental sustainability initiatives in cloud native technologies. This TAG will identify values and possible incentives for service providers to reduce their consumption and carbon footprint through cloud native tooling.

All the most important links for TAG Environmental Sustainability are also available from a single Linktree page: cncfenvtag.


1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 16:00 UTC ( convert to your local time).

Meetings are listed on the main CNCF calendar as well as the TAG ENV Calendar.

You can add working group meeting series by adding TAG ENV Calendar feed to your calendar.

Import the TAG ENV Calendar feed into your calendar from following URL: TAG ENV Calendar. Here’s a guide for how to do it in Google Calendar: Subscribe to someone’s Google Calendar. In this case your calendar will be automatically updated once new events are published.