CNCF Cloud Native Sustainability Week

Cloud Native Sustainability Week is a global event where the CNCF community organizes local meetings around the theme of Cloud Native Sustainability. The Cloud Native Sustainability Week will take place in the second week of October 2023.

The CNCF Global Week of Cloud Native Sustainability is an event organized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) community to address the emerging topic of environmental sustainability in the cloud native industry and open source space. The event aims to engage with the community and IT industry as a whole, get a better understanding of the current environmental sustainability landscape, and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing on the topic.

During the second week of October 2023 (W41), the CNCF community groups around the globe will organize meetups in their cities with a focus on cloud native sustainability. These meetups can be organized by anyone interested in supporting the effort. Additionally, the CNCF Environmental Sustainability Technical Advisory Group (TAG ENV), will host a virtual meetup using the bevy platform. These meetups can be organized by anyone interested in supporting the effort. If you would like to contribute, check out the Contact and Resources section below.

There will be two types of events organized during the Cloud Native Sustainability Week:

  1. Local in-person events: Meetups organized worldwide during the second week of October 2023 by CNCF community groups about cloud native sustainability.
  2. Virtual Event: A virtual meetup organized by the CNCF TAG ENV.

Please take a look at this document for a more detailed overview.

Meetup Locations

In addition to the global virtual event organized by the CNCF TAG ENV, there will be 26 local meetups happening across 19 countries and 5 continents. Below, you may see a visual representation of all the local meetups that are being planned as we speak.

Note that this list is changing, we will publish a complete overview a few weeks for the event! Take a look at this document to check the latest status, and persons to contact.

NrLocationDateEvent LinkName
1Australia, SydneytbdtbdAdam Gardner, Prateek Nayak, Brad McCoy
2China, BeijingNov.4tbd@SamYuan1990, @jjzhang
3China, ShanghaiNov.4tbdShane Wang, Hongbo Wang
4Brasil, São PaulotbdtbdCarol Valencia
5Bogota, ColombiaOct.tbdtbdIvan Camargo, Angel Ramirez, Cristher Castro
6Canada, TorontotbdtbdAyrat Khayrettdinov
7Denmark, AarhustbdtbdKasper Nissen
8England, LondontbdtbdKunal Kushwaha
9France, ParisOct.10LinkAndrea Giardini, Tim Carry
10Germany, HamburgOct.10LinkLeonard Pahlke
11Germany, KarlsruheOct.10LinkAydin Mir Mohammadi
12Germany, MunichOct.9LinkAntonio Di Turi, Max Körbächer
13GuatemalatbdtbdSergio Mendez
14India, BangaloreOct.14tbdNancy Chauhan, Prakash Mishra, Humble Devassy Chirammal
15India, ChennaitbdtbdVinothini B, Manikandan, Vijayabharathi
16Italy, MilanOct.9LinkMichel Murabito, Federica Leonino
17Korea, SeoulOct.13LinkSeokho Son, Hoon Jo
18Luxembourg, LuxembourgOct.10LinkStéphane Este-Gracias (@sestegra)
19Medellin, ColombiaOct.27HybridElias Quintero, Samantha Upegui
20Mexico, GuadalajaratbdtbdRodolfo Martínez Vega
21Netherlands, AmsterdamOct.9tbdAlessandro Vozza
22Norway, OsloOct.9LinkKristina Devochko
23Spain, BarcelonaOct.10LinkNiki Manoledaki, Imma Valls
24Switzerland, BernOct.10LinkJohann Gyger
25Taiwan, TaipeiOct.24LinkPhil Huang (@pichuang), Sarah Hsu, Moris Wu
26USA, SeattletbdtbdYiming Peng, Kate Goldenring
27USA, South FloridaOct.19HybridAngel Ramirez, Hitomi Mizugaki, Cristher Castro

Event Goals

  1. Gain better insights into the current Cloud Native Sustainability Landscape: Engage with the community and IT industry as a whole to develop a deeper understanding of the Cloud Native Sustainability Landscape.
  2. Identify knowledge gaps: Recognize domain areas for cloud native environmental sustainability where further exploration and knowledge sharing is needed.
  3. Foster project collaboration: Encourage participants to actively collaborate on further development and improvement of existing projects and tools that pertain to the field of cloud native sustainability.
  4. Raise awareness: Enhance awareness and knowledge sharing around the topic of cloud native environmental sustainability.
  5. Promote TAG ENV and CNCF: Promoting the #tag-environmental-sustainability and raising awareness about the CNCF in general.
  6. Survey: distributing a survey to gather information on end user adoption of cloud native sustainability.
  7. Badges: providing badges from credly for organizers and potentially speakers.

This document describes the goals in more detail and the plan how we can achieve them.

Contact and Resources

Please reach out to us via the CNCF Slack workspace in the channel tag-env-sustainability, if you have any comments or questions. All resources are publicly accessible. If you are a meetup organizer, we have a tracking issue to collect input and questions.

Acknowledgements ✨

The event is organized solely by volunteers who dedicate their spare time, making it a true community effort. Without the collective contributions of everyone involved, this event would not have been possible. Thank you to each and every community member for your support and contributions!

Special thanks to Adriana Villela, Kristina Devochko, Leonard Pahlke, Nancy Chauhan, Niki Manoledaki, Mercy Bamiduro, Mehmet and Rodolfo Martínez Vega to help organise the event.

Special thanks to all the local meetup organizers.

Special thanks to Abdel Sghiouar, Alena Prokharchyk, Emily Fox, Huamin Chen, Katie Gamanji, Nate W., Nikhita Raghunath, Ricardo Rocha, Tom Kerkhove and Wojtek Cichoń for facilitating, sharing their thoughts and reaching out to people that might be interested organizing a meetup.

Special thanks to Katie Greenly and the entire CNCF team for their support.

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