Open Source Summit NA 2023

TAG Environmental Sustainability presence at the Linux Foundation’s flagship conference in Vancouver, British Columbia from 10-12 May, 2023.

Level up your open source knowledge with access to 15 micro-conferences, including SustainabilityCOn, and 300+ sessions. Join the ultimate gathering of open source innovators to learn, network and collaborate in Vancouver, British Columbia from 10-12 May, 2023. And we as a TAG have a few sessions planned on site!

SustainabilityCon Sessions - link

Are you interested in the impact your cloud projects and cloud-related work has on the environment? Then we would love to meet you at our TAG Environmental Sustainability Project Meeting at OSS NA.

We are looking forward to hearing your perspectives and welcome everyone who wants to contribute to our effort. Let’s reduce the environmental of the cloud, data centers and our projects.