CNCF Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2024

Cloud Native Sustainability Week is a global event where the CNCF community organizes local meetings around the theme of Cloud Native Sustainability. The Cloud Native Sustainability Week will take place at the first week of October 2024.

CNCF Cloud Native Sustainability Week Banner

The CNCF Sustainability Week is an annual event that is organized by the CNCF Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Sustainability (TAG ENV) in collaboration with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The main goal of the event is to promote environmental sustainability in the cloud native industry and open source space.

This global event, which includes both in-person meet-ups and virtual sessions, is organized by local tech communities around the world and coordinated by the TAG ENV. We believe that by encouraging such global intercontinental collaboration, we can enable people from all over the globe to understand how sustainability is an integral factor in the technology sector and how, sometimes with very little, technological and innovative initiatives can be carried out while respecting the environment.

After the successful Sustainability Week 2023, planning for this year’s edition is already underway, with a renewed commitment to increasingly green and engaging initiatives.

At the first full week of October 2024 (October 7th to 13th), the CNCF community groups around the globe will organize meetups in their cities with a focus on cloud native sustainability. These meetups can be organized by anyone interested in supporting the effort. Additionally, the CNCF Environmental Sustainability Technical Advisory Group (TAG ENV), will host a virtual meetup. The recordings of the virtual and recorded in person event will be uploaded to the playlist on YouTube.

Meetup Locations

Note that this list is changing, we will publish a complete overview a few weeks before the event! Take a look at this document to check the latest status, and people to contact.

NRLocationDateEvent LinkName
1Amsterdam, NetherlandsTBDTBDJulie Chenadec, Alessandro Vozza, Pavel Chunyayev, Matteo Bianchi
2GuatemalaTBDTBDSergio Méndez
3ChinaTBDTBDSam Yuan
4NorwayTBDTBDMarta Paciorkowska
5Tokyo, JapanOct.4LinkSunyanan Choochotkaew
6Milan, ItalyTBDTBDMichel Murabito
7Sao Paulo, BrazilTBDTBDCarol Valenica

Event Goals

  1. Gain better insights into the current Cloud Native Sustainability Landscape: Engage with the community and IT industry as a whole to develop a deeper understanding of the Cloud Native Sustainability Landscape.
  2. Identify knowledge gaps: Recognize domain areas for cloud native environmental sustainability where further exploration and knowledge sharing is needed.
  3. Foster project collaboration: Encourage participants to actively collaborate on further development and improvement of existing projects and tools that pertain to the field of cloud native sustainability.
  4. Raise awareness: Enhance awareness and knowledge sharing around the topic of cloud native environmental sustainability.
  5. Promote TAG ENV and CNCF: Promoting the #tag-environmental-sustainability and raising awareness about the CNCF in general.
  6. Survey: distributing a survey to gather information on end-user adoption of cloud native sustainability.
  7. Badges: providing badges from credly for organizers and potentially speakers.

Why Participate

  1. Make a Difference: As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, it’s crucial for the technology industry to address its impact.
  2. Community Engagement & Networking: The event brings together a diverse community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about cloud native technologies and sustainability. By organizing the event, you have the chance to network with industry experts, potential collaborators, and like-minded individuals.
  3. Knowledge Sharing: Hosting a meetup provides a platform to share knowledge and insights about cloud native environmental sustainability. You can invite experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to give talks, lead discussions, and share best practices.
  4. Amplify Your Voice: Organizing a meetup allows you to contribute to a larger collective voice coming from the CNCF. We are stronger together!
  5. Personal Fulfillment: Making a positive impact on the environment and being part of a global movement can be personally fulfilling.

Contact and Resources

Please reach out to us via the CNCF Slack workspace in the channel #tag-env-cloud-native-sustainability-week, if you have any comments or questions. All resources are publicly accessible. If you are a meetup organizer, we have a tracking issue to collect input and questions.